Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Name of Subjects Name of Paper
Compulsory Subject General Hindi
General English
Environmental Studies
Elementary Computer Application
History I. History of India
II. History of Rajasthan
Political Science I. Foundation of Political Science
II. Representative Indian Political Thinkers
Sociology I. Introduction to Sociology
II. Society in India
Geography I. Physical Geography
II. Geography of Rajasthan
II. Geography of Rajasthan
History I. History of Medieval India
II. Main trends in the cultural History of India
Political Science I. Selected Political Systems
II. Indian Political System
Sociology I. Social Research Methods
II. Rural Sociology
Geography I. Geography of Resources & Their Utilization
II. Human Geography
History I. History of Modern India
II. History of Modern World
Political Science I. Representative Western Political Thinkers
II. International Relations Since World War II
Sociology I. Social Thinkers
II. Indian Society
Geography I. ASIA
II. Geography of India