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Career Opportunities following 12th Commerce in 2022.

What are the top courses for students who have completed 12th grade in the Commerce stream? What are the top career choices for Class 12th commerce students? What do you do following 12th grade for students studying commerce?

When you completed your 12th class and you’re probably extremely confused or concerned about the path you would like to pursue in order to build your mark in the field of commerce and also where you could pursue your higher studies. What do you think, are you sure that you’re planning to continue your studies after the 12th grade, you’re a little confused as to what to learn or think about other alternatives you can opt to after the 12th.

One of the most popular options for careers following the 12th is to study commerce. It’s one of the best courses to take following after 12th if you are interested or desire to build your career in Business, Sales, Marketing. It is among the top career options available.

A few well-known and well-known areas of specialization in the commerce stream are marketing, HR management, Finances, Sales. Students who study BBA or B.Com are able to pursue full-time or executive/online courses.

1. Bachelor of Commerce

B.Com also known as Bachelor of Commerce is one of the most well-known courses, and you will find every second student in commerce pursuing B.Com. After the 12th grade, B.Com is one of the most prestigious courses in commerce available in addition to being one of the most professional programs. It’s a 3-year degree program that covers classes that include accounting as well as management, statistics and computer science, human resources, and economics. The program is based on class 12th and 10th scores on the board, you will easily be accepted to one of the institutions or universities which offer this program.

2. Bachelor of Business Management

Students who have completed their 12th year with a background in Commerce 75% of the students opt to management classes that aid students to enter different areas of management in business. After the 12th grade, BBA is among the most preferred options for students who wish to learn the basics of business administration as well as receive management education.

After finishing the 12th grade and majoring in the subject of commerce, many people decide to take on the BBA. It’s a 3-year undergraduate course that provides students with the foundational knowledge of business fundamentals and administration.

You can also take this course in various specializations, however, general BBA offers a wide range of possibilities for you to choose from so that you can study various fields with ease. You can study BBA in regular or distance mode. Students who are not able to pursue their studies in the normal mode because of lack of funds are able to do so by using distance or online mode.

Opportunities to work:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Marketing Managers
  • Human Resources Managers(HR)
  • Marketing and Sales executives
  • HR executives
  • R&D executives.

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