College Vision

The objective of our education programme is to make Tirupati College a preferred education destination for domestic as well as foreign students, we focus on practical knowledge of the students so that s become more employable and successful entrepreneurs.

We endeavor to treat every student as an individual, help them in recognizing their potential.

We ensure that our every student acquires the best preparation and training for achieving their career ambitions and life goals.

We encourage high academic standards and have high expectation of personal discipline and motivation from our students.

Through internship opportunities, we inspire students to “EARN WHILE LEARN” and make them self dependent.

The entire curriculum is designed as per the industry demand which includes personality development, communication skills and technical skills along with the latest university syllabus and teaching pedagogy.

We ensure positive effects of diversity and enable students to work with people from other ethnic groups and cultural backgrounds, challenging the views they are accustomed to, thus leading to greater awareness, understanding, and acceptance of differing beliefs and customs.

In the next ten years, Tirupati College of Technical Education strongly aims to improve its academic performance and student success rate, and continue to offer a high quality education at a competitive price.

We aim todevelop the culture of inclusion for students, faculty and staff members, and improve the learning experience of our students by enhancing opportunities for their success.

We wish to respond to changing conditions, new developments and emerging technology and imbibe in our classrooms and campus.

We are mainly focused on detailed marketing strategies: -

RCT is our key plan.

Reach as much as possible.

Collaboration with Companies.

Providing Training opportunities.